"The church was designed by God to be used to transform lives...

and God seeks to use leaders like you to make it effective in doing so!"

- Mike Ayers

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Mike Ayers, Ph.D.


Church planter, lead pastor of 25 years, professor and author of the book on Christian leadership called POWER TO LEAD.

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"I am a church planter, a missionary, and a senior pastor in South Korea. Dr. Ayers shaped my pastoral leadership through his teaching and the powerful example of his life. "

SungHa Kim

Senior Pastor, Crossover Church

Seoul, South Korea

  • Relevant Topics: teaching that addresses the questions you're asking

  • ​Tools & Exercises: listening guides, practical resources and application

  • ​Powerful Connections: immediately transfer what you learn into your church




This basic course is perfect to get you started in ministry, and provides even experienced leaders foundational tools to lead your church. Topics include leading like Jesus, the leader's identity, the power of ministry vision, discovering your spiritual gifts, and teaching that transforms.

  • Five 60-minute video sessions

  • 5 Student Guides

  • A Spiritual Gifts Assessment




A steeper climb into relevant topics to grow your church. Subjects include "from street, to seat, to serving" (developing an effective onboarding process & recruitment); building highly effective ministry teams; creating a thriving church culture; forming life-giving community groups; communicating spiritual vision; and principles of personal development for leadership.

  • Six 75-minute video sessions

  • 6 Student Guides

  • A Church Health Assessment


301: SUMMIT 

Not only teaching, but an interactive experience including discussion and Q&A... join a community of passionate leaders like you! Topics include: leading congregational change; overcoming challenges, conflict and crises; developing leaders... and leaders of leaders; indispensable traits of a healthy & growing church; structuring church leadership; and a bonus session on the most-requested subject by participants. PLUS- participants receive lifetime membership to a private Facebook page for ongoing community, answers & encouragement! 

  • Six 90-minute live Zoom sessions

  • 6 Student Guides

  • New Class begins AUGUST 2!

Limited-Time Price: $249

[scholarships & payment plans available- click here for info}

BUNDLE PRICE: Receive ECL 101 & 301 courses for only $399! ($50 value)

That's 5 video & 6 live sessions— a complete package of church leadership training— for this discounted price.



First time participants receive a free Power to Lead book.


Upon completion of each course, participants receive an Effective Church Leader certificate.


ECL 201 and ECL 301 participants receive a free 30-minute

VIP Q&A session with Dr. Mike Ayers.


ECL 301 participants receive lifetime membership to a private

Facebook page with insights, discussions, and connections to other leaders like you! 

Private group training and individual consultation available. See Training Page for details.

"Dr. Ayers excels in instruction, guiding and motivating students in discovering their divine design. His teachings have been a tremendous resource in my leadership and my current pursuits of the Doctor of Education (EdD) degree. I am incredibly blessed to benefit from his teaching."

Dre Burgs

Executive Director / Lead Pastor

Movement Church

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"Dr. Ayers has a unique ability to motivate and inspire people to lead as a reflection of who they are as individuals. As a former student, I can say he makes his students feel respected and valued. His teaching has guided my leadership for almost two decades."

Darwin Pennye

Executive Director

Kansas City Royals Youth Academy

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"Dr. Mike's approach is not
'theory' but a real-world, practical approach. He teaches you to lead from your heart, head and hands to develop those around you to be more productive in work and in life. He gives you realistic, sensible guidance on how to lead others more effectively."

Phil Reynolds


Reynolds Consulting

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"A Perfect Match!"

"His teaching, friendship and mentoring were the perfect match for someone with my drive to succeed in a ministry profession and a team-oriented environment. I feel lucky to have been part of Mike’s leadership development that has allowed me to achieve my goals as a leader."  ​

Chad Overton

NextGen Pastor

The MET Church

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"Dr. Ayers guides students how to clearly define biblical leadership. His knowledge and practical teachings provide motivation to live to your maximum potential as a leader. His book "Power to Lead" (available in Spanish) is an inspiration for those seeking to represent the leadership of Jesus".​

Edith Carona

Admissions Advisor / Recruiter

College of Health Care Professions

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"Thank you!"

"Each week I was challenged in my leadership beliefs. Before I began the program, I questioned whether or not I was cut out for leadership. However, as the classes continued, I realized God was calling me to ministry leadership and I still lean on many of Dr. Ayers' insights. Thank you!"

Michael F. Brown

Executive Pastor

Crossroads Community Church

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Hey Leader!

Do you want to go to the next level in your church leadership and personal life?


That's exactly what this program is designed to help you do! I've poured my heart, my education, and over 25 years of church leadership experience into this resource. This is the place to be informed and inspired in leading your ministry!


Join a community of passionate leaders just like you to elevate your leadership!

I would love to help you serve, lead, and live as God has called you. If you have a question about the program or if I may help, email meI hope to connect with you soon!

- Mike
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